No More Mommy Burnout!

Today has me reevaluating my life goals.

No seriously. This mother of two, teacher, and Momprenuer has surpassed tired and entered an unknown realm. As I sat in my classroom, door locked, head on my desk, lights off, I realized this what not normal. The fact of the matter is mommy burnout is real. And most of the time as Mommy's we don't even realize what we’re experiencing. Certain things just come with the title. We expect to be tired and we expect to question our life goals (especially after a hard day) however according to Working Mother, " Chronic stress can lead to burnout—both in the workplace and in our homes."

According to the article, there are 7 signs you're suffering from working mommy burnout. Check them out below:

  1. You constantly question why you do what you do, and no longer take joy in work you once loved.

  2. . You think what you do (paid work or staying home your kids) may not be worth the stress it causes or the money you earn.

  3. You still wonder who you will be when you “grow up” because, even at this age, you don’t feel like you are able to achieve what you want in life—whether it is financial success, recognition, or enjoyment.

  4. . You feel time is running out to achieve your dreams, and you don’t know the next steps to take to accomplish them, in your profession or your personal life.

  5. You feel like you should be working if you are at home with your kids and vice versa.

  6. You wonder about the purpose of life in general and constantly question if doing something different will bring you closer to clarity.

  7. You secretly have something you want to do in life—start a business, write a novel, go back for your graduate degree, run a marathon—but it feels too big to even attempt.

If two or more of the above symptoms sound familiar, you may be experiencing what they refer to as the working mommy’s dilemma, which can lead directly to mommy burnout. Listen Mommy's, we don’t have to accept these feelings as the norm. There are some easy-to-implement changes that can be done to cope with working mom stress. Click here to read about how to fight back!!!

Nakita Jackson