Celebrating Keeps the Wins Coming!

As Mommy’s, it’s so easy for us to get stuck on what we haven’t done. I haven’t cleaned the house. I haven’t finished the laundry. I have balanced the checkbook. I haven’t finished that report for work. I haven’t started grocery shopping. We get so focused on what we haven’t done we fail to recognize all that we have done! Celebrating our wins gives us the strength to keep going and accomplish more. More celebrating means more winning!

Listed below are a few reasons why The Mommy Village will always Celebrate the Wins:

I keep saying it, “there are no small wins.” (yall hear me or nah?) Celebrating every wins means it becomes less difficult to get excited about things that do not qualify as big and significant.

Tell someone. It creates a celebration for you and may inspire and motivate those around you!

We struggle to live in the moment. We are just trying to check all the items off our list. As soon as we check off one we are on to the next. Once that list is done, we are on to the next list. We rarely stop and take time to appreciate what we have accomplished! It’s time to acknowledge and live in the present moment!

It’s the perfect excuse to reward yourself! As if we need an excuse. I read an article that said we should always reward yourself for achieving anything. (Wait, what?!?) Celebrating your wins with rewards motivates us to maintain focus and keep winning.

So, what can we help you celebrate today?

Nakita Jackson